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Through Change we experience Growth and through Growth we experience Change. (Tamzin Brain-Evans)“When I first visited Tamzin for hypnotherapy every day at work was really stressful for me. I felt anxious and on edge most of the time, as if I couldn't get things done fast enough or meet my deadlines no matter how hard I tried! Since the sessions with Tamzin I have found it much easier to put things in perspective, relax and leave things work-related at work when I come home at the end of the day. Her advice and supplementary techniques for dealing with stressful situations when they arise have also been invaluable. Thank you Tamzin!" *
Amelia Blackmore
"Having always been fascinated by the idea of visiting my past I decided to give regression hypnosis a go when I heard about HypnoChange4U. Tamzin’s easy going manner immediately made me feel welcome and at ease. I was very pleasantly surprised with the results and was amazed how relaxed I was both during and after the session. In fact,  during the session I felt so relaxed I wouldn’t have known if I was snoring! I know people who have successfully given up smoking through hypnosis and after my regression experience I would recommend giving hypnotherapy a try, whatever your goal".*
Heidi Gallagher
Peace and Calm, Relaxed and Stree Free "Let me tell you about the first of several sessions I had with Tamzin to help me to relax. The atmosphere was very warm, friendly and welcoming, and even just sitting there to start with, I began to feel some of the tension leave my body. I found Tamzin's lead into the actual relaxation was very effective. As she took me through each muscle group right from my head down to my feet it made me aware of just how tense I had been. Then followed a really pleasant visualisation which helped me to focus on my breathing and just enjoy the moment. I emerged from that feeling much more relaxed and at one with the world. I had a few more sessions just to consolidate the good work, and I am enjoying the new positive attitude the sessions have helped me to have." *

Edge of City Sunset
"I only did this regression hypnosis because my wife was into the idea.  As a complete unbeliever I was completely bowled over by the experience. What I thought was 10 minutes turned out to be 45 minutes. I never felt so relaxed.  Talking as a total sceptic I’ve rarely felt so restful.  It is well worth a visit especially with Tamzin’s chill out factor." *
Paul, the not so skeptical.

Woods in Wales, UK "Before I tried hypnotherapy I heard many stories how people lost weight without having operation, stopped smoking, got rid of different fears. My problem was I couldn’t answer the phone in the office while my colleagues were working close to my desk. I was not confident dealing with people on the phone and it was destroying me every day. This was my first experience having hypnotherapy. The session itself was very pleasant, I was so relaxed and calm like never before. After the hypnotherapy I started feeling different. It is strange, I got this confidence that I was always lacking. I couldn’t get this confidence myself and during the hypnosis session my unconscious mind was told to be confident. It is amazing how well it works! Our brain is powerful to change everything but sometimes we need a little help." *

Daffodill - Standing alone but still part of the bigger picture
"I decided to try hypnosis as other things didn’t work. The matter was very sensitive, required confidentiality, and I was worried about going to someone I didn’t know with it. However, Tamzin came across as being very approachable and professional. She listened and understood what the issue was as well as asked what I actually wanted to achieve, which is extremely important. By the end of my fourth session I realised that the problem I went to Tamzin with wasn’t that big of a deal anymore. I haven’t been hypnotised to forget about the issue, but to accept the fact that it happened and to be content with it. I definitely made the right decision to contact Tamzin and I wish I did it sooner. Thank you Tamzin." *
Corn fields of Sandwich"I attended a course of counselling with Tamzin. I found her very approachable and easy to talk to. She made me feel comfortable and at ease. I now look at things with a different perspective. After my marriage break up, I am moving on in a positive direction. I would recommend Hypnochange4u to all my friends and family." *
"I enjoyed relaxing and expressing emotions, at the end I felt lighter and stronger." *

Near Ricks Cafe, Negril"The treatment was very relaxing and it helped to improve different areas of my life which were previously affected by my low self-confidence. I also liked the fact I was able to take a recording of the hypnosis and listen to it again at home." *
"I would recommend hypnotherapy as an aid to changing behaviour and as an excellent way to relax. Being able to take the recorded sessions home means that you can continue to use the treatment at regular intervals. Tamzin is lovely, a good listener and makes you feel at ease during the session." *

Swing in The Garden, Sandwich 
"HypnoChange4U successfully helped me to give up smoking. I couldn't have done it without Tamzin's help! Thank you! x" *
"Tamzin convinced me it would work despite my negative approach and I was thrilled to have succeeded even though I didn't think I would!...have stayed 'stopped' for over 6 months." *
View from Glastonbury"Great cd - will listen to loads - thanks very much" A Satisfied Customer who bought one of my CDs *
"Thanks realy good cds - will listen to loads - many thanks" Another Satisfied Customer who bought my Hypnosis CD *
Southhampton, UK"I wanted to try hypnotherapy as I had failed to give up smoking using other methods. I am amazed that after more than 25 years as a smoker I feel proud to call myself a non-smoker!! Thank you Tamzin! You were great and really understood my reasons for wanting to give up. The reason for trying you was not only because you were recommended but you seemed one of the only sites on the internet to show testimonials. I am very happy for you to include me on your site as you are a very dedicated and understanding therapist and would recommend you to others who want to give up smoking!" *

Pink flower. Relaxation. "I own a shop where dog owners brought their dogs in, I used to be terrified with a big bubble of fear in my chest, so I decided to go to HypnoChange4u to see if it could improve my phobia. I massively changed, even on my first session, [Tamzin] made me feel at ease and now...I do not have the bubble of fear and the need to run away anymore. There are dogs everywhere and this has been the best thing" *
"I managed to stop smoking after 1 hypnotherapy session, after normally smoking 20 a day, it was truly amazing even though I was sceptical to begin with, I have not smoked now for over 4 months and I can honestly say that I have not wanted a cigarette at all in that time. Hypnotherapy took all of the stress away from giving up it was like a switch had been flicked from smoker to non-smoker." *


"After weight management hypnotherapy and some counselling I have lost over 20lbs even though I am 5 ½ months pregnant. It has allowed me to finish eating when full and only eat when I am hungry without having to consciously think about it, my self-esteem and confidence has improved too." *
"I can officially say that this is the club my daughter has enjoyed the most ever. The thing though, is knowing that she's learning skills that will be helpful for her all her life." *
Daniel (Parent of a child who attended Relaxession After School Club)
"Professional, clear and valuable" *
Parent of a child who attended Relaxession After School Club

"I just want to thank a very special person Tamzin Brain at HypnoChange4U for helping me with my weight loss: 1 stone lost in just 4 sessions thank you so much." *


"For years I struggled with losing weight. I have tried different types of diets and lost weight but I always struggled with this and put the weight back on many times and more. Then I met this lovely lady Tamzin Brain-Evans. I had a consultation with Tamzin and she advised gastric band hypnotherapy, so I went ahead. I completely trusted this woman, and, from the first week I had hypnotherapy, I started to lose weight. I had 4 sessions before the gastric band hypnotic session, and after that I have lost over 1.5 stones. I feel good, I have more energy, and I am looking forward to the rest of my weight coming off. I know this will work for me. Thank you Tamzin." *

"Tamzin provided an excellent space to explore my relationship with food. After years of yo-yo dieting I was keen to put myself on a healthier path and to have less hang-ups around food in general (eat something a bit naughty – instantly feel guilty – reach for more naughty food, but overdo it – feel guilty…continue cycle). It was good to take time out to assess what I eat, when, how much, how I felt about it, self-esteem issues (at the heart of it) and then start to actually relax around some of my food choices a bit. Hypnosis sessions were relaxing (beneficial in itself when you rarely stop!) and I was pleased to be able to take recordings of the sessions home with me so I could continue to benefit from listening to them" *
Emma S
"I valued the flexibility to switch between counselling and hypnotherapy when the need to relieve symptoms became a priority. This allowed me to sleep better & continue with everyday life in a more positive way whilst continuing to address deeper-seated issues."


"I found Tamzin very helpful in her approach in making me feel relaxed and in entering hypnotherapy. She helped me overcome my initial fears of getting into a swimming pool. I think there’s a way to go with overcoming my fears, and one day when I get more free time perhaps I’ll have some more sessions."


"Taking on the process in the treatments and the change it brought about my understanding of myself of how/why the mind reacts and works has helped me turn things around in my life! Moreover, this experience has lead me to better understanding the mind and to adding to my own works as an EFT practitioner."


 * There's no guarantee of specific results: These results may vary from person to person.
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