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Hypnotherapy                                             Normal Rate     Concessions    Block Booking
  • Telephone Consultation                        FREE                FREE                     FREE
  • Hypnosis (60 Minute Session)               £60                   £48                        £180
  • Hypnosis to Stop Smoking (2 hours)     £120                 £96                        N/A
  • Face to Face (50 Minute Session)         £40                   £35                       £120 
  • Telephone (30 Minute Session)             £22                   £18                       N/A

CDs Made to Order                                        £20                £20
(Includes a 30 minute telephone consultation, 30-40 minute Hypnosis CD, and postage and packaging)

Relaxession After School Club (4-11 years)

  • 5 Week Term                                         £25                                      


Youth Mindfulness Kids Programme (7-11 years)

  • 16 Sessions                                         Contact to discuss rates
HypnoChange4U has other promotions and special offers running throughout the year, such as the:
Loyalty Bonus Customer Referral Scheme - If you refer your friends/colleagues/co-workers/family members, etc, for treatment with HypnoChange4u, then they (the referred) will get up to 3 sessions of Hypnosis or Counselling at a reduced rate: £54 per Hypnosis session, or £36 per Counselling appointment.
AND You(the referrer) will also get up to 3 sessions of Hypnosis or Counselling at a reduced rate: £48 per Hypnosis session, or £31 per Counselling appointment.
For concessions, this is the equivalent of a 20% discount, per appointment for up to 3 appointments for the referrer, and a 10% discount, per appointment for up to 3 appointments for the referred.
Advance Booking Option - If you book four consecutive appointments* for Hypnotherapy or Counselling** you will get the fourth appointment for FREE.
This offer applies only when full payment is taken in advance. No refund is given if an appointment is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice. 
*All four appointments should be taken within 2 months.
**Hypnotherapy and Counselling can not be combined, you can either book four Hypnotherapy Sessions or four Counselling Sessions
Cancellation Policy
Please give at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel your appointment, so the appointment can be offered to another client. If an appointment is forgotten, missed or cancelled with less than 24 hours notice then there will be a £30 charge for single Hypnotherapy appointments, a £60 charge for double/Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy appointments, and a £20 charge for Counselling appointments.
This is to help cover the financial loss if the appointment can not be filled at such short notice and also to help cover time spent preparing for your session. Thank you in advance.
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