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Tamzin Brain-Evans at HypnoChange4U, Bristol - Caronavirus Pandemic: Self-Care

My Name is Tamzin Brain-Evans, I am a qualified Hypnotherapist and Counsellor, and a professional, accredited member of the National Hypnotherapy Society, and the National Counselling Society. 
I offer hypnotherapy, and counselling, individual, and group therapy, for you, your family, friends, and colleagues, etc.
Today, I would like to help you!
Do you want to Stop Smoking? Lose Weight? Reduce Stress? Prepare for a Speech? Reduce Nerves? Increase Self-Confidence? Rid yourself of a Fear or Phobia? Manage Panic Attacks? Fear of Surgery? 
Hypnosis could be the answer!
Are you stuck? Do you want to talk and feel listened to? And experience a safe, comfortable and accepting environment in which to share problems? Or be given the time and space to explore personal issues? And have an opportunity for personal growth and development?
Then maybe Counselling could help!

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HypnoChange4U offers a very personalised service, catering for your individual needs and circumstances.
This is the place where you can begin to make those changes to your self and to your life, which you may have been keen to make for a while.
Or maybe life is changing and you would like help adapting to, and coping with, those life changes. 
Are there aspects of your life that you wish to improve in some way? 
Are you hoping for some answers as to why you seem to be repeating old mistakes and unhelpful patterns of behaviour?
Are you seeking to find better ways of coping with current problems, situations and life changes?
Are you looking for help with preparing for, and achieving, future goals?
Do you want to catch your dreams, instead of always chasing them?
Are you looking to explore personal conflicts or indulge personal interests?
If you have answered "yes" to any of the above questions then I'm confident HypnoChange4U can help you to explore, reflect, improve, and change, those areas of your life, which will make all the difference to you and your situation.

*£100 for any Stop Smoking sessions booked for January. Just 1 session is all it takes, to step into a healthier, fitter you!! 

Imagine that... climbing the stairs without getting out of breath; living in a clean fresh home and driving a clean fresh car; join in on all the fun and witty rapport of your non-smoking friends, instead of standing alone in the cold, wind and rain; no more guilt or shame as you think about your children and their health; have fun running around with them, and being around long enough to see them meet their life milestones; and  save enough money for a holiday or a new car. 

Sound like the type of life you would like? Take advantage of this limited offer, CALL NOW!

Change your life!!

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